Sliding Nav Menu (First Post)

Hello, I am new. Am a former Softpress Freeway user. Did some personal sites with FW; here, here.

I haven’t done anything in a decade, but now have major ambitions again. Freeway is gone I think, so I am coming to Sparkle (instead of Pinegrow) with high hopes. My very first task should be easy, I think, but the logic of Sparkle eludes me.

The diagram shows what I want to do.

  1. A hamburger gives me some options in a popup menu

  2. One option is a new navigation pane that slides in from the left, moves the vertical red line and narrows the center text pane. Moving off the pane slides it off the page.

  3. That pane has entries for 12 partner sites. If the user hovers over an entry, the text in the text pane is replaced with a description of that site. Clicking anywhere in the nav pane takes you to that site.

Can you point me to an example or instruction? I’m pretty sure I can get up to speed quickly once I get the system.

Welcome onboard @tedg! :slight_smile:

Having gone over your diagram the second bit is not possible in Sparkle unless you play with fixed popups and see what you can create? I found that by playing around with Sparkle you can come up with very creative outcomes / solutions…