Sliding Popup for Thank You Page


I am trying to create a Thank You Page for my contact form and I got an idea in my mind that is it possible to have a Popup slide from the left side of the window to display the Thank You message instead of having a separate page all together.

I have gone through the Form documentation and read that Sparkle injects some server side PHP code in the Thank You page for the form to work. This reminded me of another tool that I have used in the past where we have the option to display a Thank You message automatically on the same same page itself as a label just underneath the form instead of creating a separate page.

Probably there the server side code is being injected in the same page instead of a separate page. Is this possible in the current version of Sparkle ??

If not then this can be a Feature Add request for the next version of the app.

Just a food for thought !!


It’s not currently possible. Thanks for the suggestion.