Small Bug: Updating Burger Icon

Latest version of Sparkle:

When updating the burger-icon to something else, the project does not update visually the change until you save, close and then re-open the project.

Thanks to @woodrow for the suggestion to make mine white for the new site.

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Can’t confirm. The changes are immediately processed and visible.

Mr. F.

I didn’t ask for confirmation; I’m reporting a bug which if it didn’t happen everytime on every project I wouldn’t have reported.

@producerguyaz, if you think it is a bug please report it to the Sparkle Team. It can be any number of things causing it because from my end I have it when dropping a new icon it doesn’t update on the canvas until I click off the selection. So I’m seeing something similar to what you are mentioning but not the same.

I’d seen others report bugs here which is why it was my first choice.
I’ll use the support option in the app.