Smart Phone Mode Display Issue

Hi Duncan or anyone who can help.

I am building a site with several of my paintings for sale. The Desk top version looks fine with the images on 3 columns however on Smart phone, portrait version, the images and labels are very tiny. Was hoping the 3 columns would display as a single column on the smart phone. Screen shots attached.

@mhirji, You have to create a mobile version (320px device) of your site to get it showing how you want on mobile. While in the Sparkle canvas locate “Device” which it top left of the canvas and click it. You’ll see that you can now add your 320px mobile device by clicking on the “+”.

This will generate you your mobile breakpoint but you now have to go in and rearrange your images into the one column you’d like.

@greenskin Thank you. Guess I will have to rearrange and resize every image and label.