Smartphone mess

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When I work on my iMac, often the smartphone view becomes a mess. Texts over each other, navigation on strange places, parallax doesn’t work. Lots of tweaking. It makes me crazy. How can I avoid that?

@Pieter, Sorry you can’t… that is the way Sparkle works for now and although at times it can be a bit messy it is still a preferable way of allowing us to have total control over the mobile breakpoint.

Thank you Hendrik for you reply.
I thought about switching off the smartphone view temporarily and after being ready on the Mac, switching it on again, like a smartphone reset. But I didn’t dare so far, afraid of losing all smartphone tweaks I made before.

@Pieter, Yes you are right! If you tun-off your mobile 320px breakpoint then when you turn it back on you’ll have to start all over again.

For mobile think 1 column, put on some great music, and loose yourself for an hour or so and you’ll be surprised in what you have in the end! :slight_smile: