Software tells me it's the free version . . . can't Restore

This is the second time I’ve had this happen. I’ll come back to my computer after a few hours away, only to find the Sparkle software has closed/quit on its own. When I go to open it again, it shows me the “buy our software” screen. I own Sparkle One, but it acts like I’m using the free version. Then the only thing I can do is hit “Restore” and when I try to do this, it says “Loading” and does nothing–just goes back to the same screen with the option to click Restore again. Nothing will get it off the “free” version. I’ve tried “Restore Purchases” from the menu at the top left, as well, with the same result.

The last time this happened, I’m not sure what I did to fix it. I think it just spontaneously fixed on its own. Anyone have a helpful hint? I’m still working hard on my new webpage, so I hate that I can’t publish any changes right now. At the moment, if I preview what I’m working on, it has the “free” banner at the top etc.

Solved by trashing my current 2.8 version and redownloading software from the website (not Apple store). Opened webpages just fine and isn’t showing “free” banner any more, so I guess I’m good to go

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Sorry about that. Yes unfortunately the most common reason for this is mixing the appstore and direct versions. The licenses aren’t interchangeable.