SOLVED Uploading site to and get error message

Hello everyone,

I new to sparkle and finaly finished my website today,

I bought a host space and domain name on “

And when i try to publish it i get this message

“The selected folder is not published.”

I really dont understand what’s wrong with it, ive looked to the forum but i did not find something, only 1 similar case that did not help me.

Thx for you help

EDIT: I add that when i try to log on the sftp by sparkle i get time to time this message

“mywebsite” semble être garé"

EDIT 2: Posting the reply of Duncan, maybe it could help someone else.

"The htdocs folder, or a subfolder of it, needs to be selected.

Sparkle is trying to help you find the correct folder to publish to, which is where is configured on the server.