Some things I am missing in Sparkle


I really like Sparkle and I am using it for several homepages now.

There are a few things missing though.
It would be great to incorporate them:

• Passwort protected pages
It would be enough if there was the possibility to protect some pages with a password. Nothing fancy.

• Login for some pages
More complicated: if users could log in to several sites. The way I picture this is that I create a list of possible log in names and the users can then create their own passwords together with these login names. Each of the names would point to a different page (or the same page). So there would be the possibility to create user sensitive content on a minimum scale.

• Counter
Could you please include a counter that counts not only the page but also elements? It would make some things easier, as you could use them to monitor certain activities. i. e. how often was this button clicked? How often was this page loaded.

• direct view of documents
I am not sure if this is possible but is there a possibility to show documents (pdf… maybe excel etc?) in a sort of preview? I would like to show a document on the homepage and when I change the document, the content should be seen on the homepage. There is a preview of documents on mac… could this be used?
So for example: I have a spreadsheet in Excel or Numbers and I want to insert the preview of this on the homepage so that it can be seen but not altered. When I change something on the spreadsheet, the changes are therefore also seen on the homepage.
Not sure if I can make myself clear here.

Thanks for your patience! Still a great software!


That is a good list but my personal thought is that that is not what Sparkle is about? but I can be wrong!

  • you could upload a page with no nav and password protect it on the hosting sever and give your potential clients access to it via a link?
  • haven’t got an answer to this other than this is more a CMS set of functions
  • this one sounds more like a newsletter camping setup rather then a web page? Most of this information can be viewed via Google Analytics or some sort of platform that generates buttons/elements whereby they can be tracked, aka a newsletter campaign platform?
  • I know what you are asking here but this is a coded up php thing which a developer and myself took a couple of weeks to make work so that it was viewable and intuitive on a mobile device as much as on a desktop

I know I haven’t really helped, but thought to give my take on it, good luck! :slight_smile:


But of course you have helped. It is about exploring possibilities and different ideas.
I am using the workaround via Google Analytics and the password protected folder and the server already.
I am just lazy and like to have everything in one place, that is all.

Maybe you are right… that Sparkle is not meant for these things.

Thank you for your thoughts!


Some of the things you want are interesting.

For Excel sheets you can theoretically incorporate them into your site by creating an iframe (I guess). The only thing is that if you use Numbers you must first export the files so that they are read by Excel.

The ability to protect a page or multiple pages with a password would be interesting. I have no idea how far you can go with Sparkle and I don’t know if Duncan has one of these possibilities but to me a function of this kind (even simple) I’d like it.

On the counter speech you could use SHINYSTAT, which is free and works decently. With Google Analytics you have a lot more than that.

Any direct updates you can always do by embedding one page into the other with iframe. You could create an iframe on the home page and then paste the link to another page that you regularly update. This way each time that page is updated, the update appears on your home page. A bit cumbersome but it might work…

Yes, Sparkle is the best out there


Thanks for your input and ideas.

I will have a look at SHINYSTAT… I wasn’t aware of it.

Thanks a lot!


Hello, everyone,
in order to put things in context, my level of English is not very good, so it is my translator who allows me to follow your discussions. I hope I don’t miss some subtleties!

  • For the password: you can easily find html code that will create this little interface on your SPARKLE site. It is functional

  • for connecting some pages: I haven’t found a solution for this point yet

  • counter: I agree, with green skin, google analytics does the job!

  • for the direct view of documents: wouldn’t displaying a JPEG on a transparent clickable layer be the solution?


Thanks for your thoughts. I will see what works for me.



How about a generic icon for handicapped access…the little wheelchair icon?
Duncan could add it into the “MORE” panel where the Facebook and other icons reside.
Best if it came with color options like the Facebook icons do.
I can imagine that coming in handy for a lot of folks.