Something for the new Sparkle user

So for anyone new trying to get to grips with Sparkle and how to create awesome looking websites, something I found pretty useful are all the Templates available on the Sparkle site. What I have done is go through some of the ones I like and download the available file, what I would do once I have done that is open the file and look for effects that stand out to me, I will click on the element and go through the Style panel on the right to see how they achieved the effect. Being new to Sparkle it is something I did when I installed Sparkle for the first time.

I guess this is more of a tip, obviously I would not suggest downloading and using the whole template as your own design as this takes away from the whole creative process.


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That’s a great tip / idea for the newcomers getting to grips with how Sparkle works / is able to do certain things etc. Nice one :slight_smile:


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Thank you Scott, I think it’s something people overlook, especially when downloading the application from the App Store and not front the site.:slightly_smiling_face:



I absolutely agree. That’s exactly how I learned a few cool Sparkle tricks, some years ago, after I had discovered Sparkle and downloaded some templates.

You wonder: How did they do this effect?
You look at the template, then you have that “aha experience” and start with your own ideas.