Sort order of On Click/Go to Page in This Website

What is the sort order to the listing of site pages when I want to have a link to another page within a website?

I have dozens of pages to my blog site. When I reference internally with On Click/Go to Page in This Website, I can’t figure out how the list is sorted. It is not alphabetical nor is it the date/time of when I created the page as these would be the options I would want to see.

I ask because with dozens of pages, it just makes it that much harder to find the page to choose.

Granted, this is not a blocking issue. It doesn’t prevent me from doing what I want to do. I wouldn’t even consider it a major issue in that it doesn’t slow down my progress. I would consider this a minor issue that it would make it easier plus I assume it wouldn’t take much to develop/test as part of a dot-x release.

Thanks for the opportunity to suggest.

They should be in the same order they are in the page list.

As always, thanks for not just a response but a quick response.

Duncan, I know gratitude has been expressed numerous times for what you and your team created, continuously update, and support so well. I’d like to add my two cents as well.

Your tool has provided me with an opportunity that would have been otherwise difficult at best to achieve.