Sparkle 2.8.6 release

Hi Sparklers!

Sparkle 2.8.6 is out today, it’s getting more stable every day. While I can’t rule out a 2.8.7 release if something big comes up (like browsers randomly breaking cough), we’re hopefully on to the next big release.

As usual if Sparkle crashes for you (bugs do happen), relaunching Sparkle and filling out the details form can be invaluable in helping us find and fixing bugs, making Sparkle more stable for everybody. Thank you for taking the time!

The official release notes are short:

  • fixed text wrapping, broken by Chrome 75+
  • fixed text style ordering on different devices
  • fixed page background color transparency in dark mode on Catalina
  • fixed swiping gallery images on mobile
  • fixed copy/paste across documents to preserve text color
  • fixed layout of blurred images in fixed position backgrounds

We did actually fix a number of other minor issues worth mentioning, that came after the release notes translation:

  • fixed excess whitespace at page bottom in some cases
  • fixed text linking issues
  • fixed crash in page importer when importing some websites on catalina
  • reduced memory usage when publishing or exporting projects containing many/large video files not stored within the project file
  • fixed text not shown in some inspectors
  • fixed layout issue in some rare cases with multi-device setup with hidden elements
  • fixed publish crash in some cases
  • updated crash reporter

And the usual:

  • many other bug fixes
  • performance and stability improvements

Let us know if anything comes up.