Sparkle 2.8.8 release

Sparkle 2.8.7 must have been the shortest release ever :slight_smile:

Turns out during the 2.8.7 review time we didn’t stop and had a whole slew of fixes ready by the time 2.8.7 was approved by Apple.

So we submitted 2.8.8 and it was approved right away. Enjoy!

  • fixed publishing to some web hosts that don’t correctly support TLS 1.3
  • fixed z-index issue with sticky header on Safari in some rare cases
  • fixed solid shadow rendering in editing
  • fixed video player size constraing when using native controls and lightbox
  • fixed video autoplay to work even when video has no audio track
  • fixed video player to avoid browser local storage of volume preferences, that triggers some privacy checker tools
  • fixed corrupt video upload in some cases
  • fixed text wrapping in some multi-device layouts
  • improved performance for very long text blocks on multiple devices