Sparkle 3.1 release

Hi, we just released Sparkle 3.1.

The first thing you should know is if you’ve been wanting to try the full Sparkle Pro feature set, whether you haven’t purchased a license or whether you have but have not upgraded, Sparkle now has a 14 day trial of all Sparkle features. This should help you make your mind up about buying Sparkle Pro. Go get the free trial now! :slight_smile:

Sparkle 3.1 is the culmination of many many fixes over time, we hunted down many edge cases and annoying little issues, some were really rare, but some hit quite a few Sparkle users.

And of course there’s the usual dance with browsers, with changed performance metrics, with big corporations pushing their weight around and breaking things, Sparkle 3.1 fixes many of those small but important details.

We absolutely want you all to get the latest fixes, so update Sparkle now!

And now I can’t wait to release Sparkle 3.11 :grin:

Here’s the full release notes:

  • added resizable sidebar (macOS 10.14+)
  • added “deny” consent button to cookie banner, for compliance with regulation in many EU countries
  • added position at which scroll effect starts (top/middle/bottom)
  • added “filename” smart field where it was missing
  • added forced restart when Sparkle is moved or renamed in the Finder
  • improved map integration to support API-key based basic maps
  • improved memory use on some iMacs (macOS 11.3+)
  • improved Instagram integration
  • improved performance when editing large projects
  • improved performance when dragging labels in galleries with large images
  • improved contact form spam resilience
  • improved compatibility with some third party integrations
  • improved compatibility with browsers
  • fixed inability to open old project files on some Macs
  • fixed missing document icon
  • fixed footer editing issues and page bottom becoming very tall
  • fixed canvas alignment and equal sizing tools to ignore locked elements
  • fixed lightbox close button color in light background mode
  • fixed clipping of rotated content with scroll animation
  • fixed flicker while publishing (macOS 11+)
  • fixed issues with the blog index page
  • fixed excessive memory use when opening some websites
  • fixed site search for older PHP versions
  • fixed text inspector issues on Apple Silicon Macs
  • fixed some popup issues
  • fixed issues with undo/redo when editing text
  • fixed animation-related flicker in Safari
  • fixed incorrect layout in some cases
  • many other fixes and improvements