Sparkle 3 live demo and chat

Later today we’ll be showing the main new features in Sparkle 3 and answering your questions. We’ll definitely be showing blogging, parallax animations, payment buttons and showing the new user interface throughout.

We’d love you to join our youtube live stream and ask questions, or just follow along. We get that you might not want to open a youtube account just for the live chat, so feel free to email us your questions before hand.

Here’s the link to the video stream:
Youtube live stream

We’ll be going live at 5 PM central European time.

All the times:

  • 8 AM US Pacific
  • 9 AM US Mountain
  • 10 AM US Central
  • 11 AM US Eastern
  • 4 PM UK
  • 5 PM Europe
  • 7 PM Russia
  • Midnight to 3 AM China/Japan/Australia (sorry folks)

Am just now getting around to watching the Sparkle 3 demo. In a word… WOW!

Thank you so much for all these great, useful additions, and for taking the time to preview them for us.


Thanks Duncan - hoping I can watch your live chat in January after I’ve had time and space to install the new Sparkle. Please keep it available up there!