Sparkle 3 Questions

Despite the fact that sparkle 3 is missing quite a few belles and whistles, it’s a good step forward. Now can some one please tell me where the Scroll Location lines have gone to? I can’t see them anywhere on the page.


Choose the + from the menu and you will find it at the bottom.
Have fun with Sparkle!

Not really what I was looking for, but I did find the reason why I wasn’t seeing them. Thanks for the reply

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Now you got me curious.
So you could not see it on your website, was that it?
What is the solution?
Might be nice to know because I use them too

In the View Menu
Show Overlay must be selected.
I imagine Sparkle 3 isn’t by default setup with Show Overlay selected


I have checked and with all my templates it is standard show overlay.
The website which I already made as well the new ones.

I’ve seen stranger things concerning Sparkle app. It’s not a robust Application, somewhat flimsy at times and No it’s not my OS nor my Mac, nor does it cover all the bells and whistles requested by my clients. But it does what it does and does it well when compared to similar apps. I just which the Sparkle team would bring up a notch or two. meanwhile we are stuck with this latest upgrade of which isn’t all that I expected but it will make due.

Hey @Oryzen, thanks for the support.

We can’t fix bugs we don’t know about, so by all means send them in. If you see some layout issue, send the project file as is right away. If Sparkle crashes, fill the report in (after relaunching Sparkle). We’re happy to hear all the bad things (we know more than you do!). We’re also happy to hear what the top 3 things you need are. No promises but it helps us prioritize.

While Sparkle is by no means perfect, and could be improved much in some areas, we are frankly quite happy of the very large following it has, and of the incredible surface it covers. It’s not easy to support such a variety of user abilities and previous experience, the variety and moving-target nature of browsers, web hosts, FTP implementations, macOS versions, you name it!

Yes we are 100% committed to improving Sparkle.

By the way the option to show overlays is also triggered by pressing tab. It’s not per-project, it’s application wide. Sometimes a pinky slips on the tab key, it happens.


I strongly disagree about it not being robust. I use Sparkle extensively and my website has over 360 pages. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times that it has crashed. I call that very robust.

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As long as I’m not editing a text box, I use the tab key to quickly toggle overlays on and off. Scroll locations (aka anchors) only show when canvas overlays are visible.

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Second that. Sparkle has been extremely robust for us. Haven’t had a chance to put Sparkle 3 through its paces, but historically, Sparkle has been extremely hard to crash. The issues I’ve had have been more operational where something doesn’t work as expected… hopefully these have been addressed in 3… but no… Sparkle aint flimsy!

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