Sparkle 3 slip (and release date)

Hi all, we just sent this out, thought you all should know. Happy to answer any question you might have.

Sparkle 3 slip

In retrospect we couldn’t have picked a worse timing for announcing our Sparkle 3 plan, in our last email.

Apple previewed the upcoming macOS Big Sur at about the same time, and it became immediately clear that we couldn’t release our planned user interface refresh without accounting for the big changes in Big Sur.

We love Big Sur! While it has some rough edges, we think it’s an amazing direction for macOS, and a change we just can’t ignore.

We also received a Developer Transition Kit from Apple, to ensure Sparkle 3 is ready for Apple Silicon when new Macs ship.

So this will come as a disappointment for all of you eagerly waiting for Sparkle 3, and we’re truly very sorry about it.

The new plan is to release Sparkle 3 to coincide with the release of Big Sur. It’s most likely going to be in late September, judging from the macOS release history.

Please be assured that we’re going to use the time to polish Sparkle 3 even more.

As previously announced, we expect everybody to use Sparkle 3, there will be no cost to use the features you already purchased. There will be an upgrade fee to use features that are new in Sparkle 3. There will be no upgrade fee if you either purchased after January 1st 2020 or if you purchased a subscription.

If you want to help us out today, please consider upgrading your Sparkle license or switching to a subscription. And as usual, talking about how awesome Sparkle is to your friends always helps.


I should clarify that Sparkle will continue running all the way back to macOS 10.9 Mavericks.