Sparkle 4.0.6 release

A big thank you!!! :clap: :smile:

Domo arigatou gozaimasu :japanese_castle: :slightly_smiling_face:

Mr. F.

But, looks like Duncan et al. didn’t party through St. Patty’s Day this year.:wink:

Today was a productive one, helped much by the Sparkle App update notification when I sparked it up this AM. Another welcome one, but I’m particularly keen on this fix.

It solves “B” from my question earlier this month.

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“Doh Ja Sai!!” (from my limited but acquiring Cantonese).
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EXCEPTIONAL work! Thank you!!

Today, March 20th, I saw that 4.06 was released two days ago, but when I check for updates I’m informed that 4.05 is the latest release.
Screenshot 2022-03-20 at 12.26.32

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Same here: 4.0.5 is currently the newest version available.

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@chrisMF , @Anna (and everyone else)

Big chance that the Sparkle team has retracted version 4.0.6 due to a password issues
checkout the following topic:
• Password protection doesn’t work?

Lets see when they reply to this topic

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Yeah we screwed up, last minute bugfix resulted in a major issue with password protection, if this is affecting you please get in touch via email and we’ll solve it.

Should all be solved later today.


Thanks for your reply Duncan!

Hope you still enjoy the weekend Ducan, despite the reported issue.

I and most users are well aware of the enormous energy and effort
the Sparkle team puts into its development!

I personally think that it should NOT be a major issue yet,
as long those who are using the password feature haven’t updated to 4.0.6
(than they should be ok)

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A day of delay over the weekend for 4.0.6 isn’t a major issue either. But for who does rely on password protection, it can be a problem. Unfortunately we can’t stop the appstore update.

We actually are just not triggering the update, the website download already has the fixed 4.0.7 (essentially 4.0.6 + this fix). You can manually download it to get it.

But we are holding off because we also stepped in an appstore rejection over dumb stuff, otherwise the fix would have been released this morning. Ah well.

Thank you Duncan for the quick fix.
Password Protection is working fine again.
I did not test other features now.

Mr. F. :blush:

Again just out of curiosity :grin:
What was the reason for the rejection?

(btw - absolutely no harm feelings if you don’t wanna answer :slight_smile: )

The login procedure (with correct user data) in a secured page did not work for some reason.

Mr. F.

Thank you. I have now a little problem. I buyed Sparkle in the App store 2 months ago and now i downloadet it from the Homepage 4.0.7. To activate Sparkle i nide a licenze. Where cann i find my licenze number from the App Store?

Check the Mac Menu Bar: Sparkle>Your License… At least that is where its at for the direct purchases.

The licenses are separate and you can’t activate the version from our site with the appstore license, sorry about that, you need to wait a few hours for Apple to review 4.0.7.

No problem. Thanks a lot!!

4.0.7 is out now, thanks for the patience


Yep, just got it and installed nicely.
Thanks again Duncan.

I could be wrong, and I don’t have a technical method for testing it (really doesn’t matter) but I’ve noticed with each successive “.dot” update things are moving more efficiently in the background. And relative publishing cache sizes is also getting slightly smaller.

Is it just me Duncan, or are you guys actually optimizing code to get work done faster?


Hi Duncan! Thank you very much for the improvements and good support!