Sparkle 5 style sheets not working well


I’m having big problems with Sparkle 5 style sheets.

  1. they take a long time to open
  2. they don’t refresh when I modify them.
    Does anyone have the same problem?

Could I ask why you are modifying the Sparkle 5 CSS, aka style sheet?

May be “style sheet” is not the good word ?
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I’m not sure what you mean with “don’t refresh”?

We are aware of a performance regression in Sparkle 5 in projects with many/complex pages, that we’ll be addressing soon.

If I change a style and record the modification, it doesn’t apply to all element using this style.

Please email us a sample minimal project and indications to reproduce the issue. Doesn’t happen in our tests.

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Yes, one must check - click choose each text box and click-acknowldge one of this two buttons:

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in all breakpoints/devices in order to set up text styles correctly.
It is unfortunately not done automatically through all pages and text boxes and devices.

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