Sparkle and a.i

I wanted to share some points of view on artificial intelligence (which by the way translated this text). There is a lot of talk about it everywhere and, apart from the classic questions that we know in advance have no answer such as “what is the meaning of life” or “what happens after death”, we can try to exploit his ability to our advantage benefit. Maybe I won’t say anything new but someone like me, who is already in his 60s and has never written a line of code in his life, well…he finds it very useful to tell AI to help him do something he is unable to do , perhaps writing a few lines in html that later, thanks to the genius of SPARKLE, that is to incorporate code where possible, he manages to imagine and implement. We’re not talking about major transformations, given that sparkle is able to give people like me the opportunity to create sites and sell them (which by now - obtorto collo - I usually do) My job would be another, in fact. In other words, I wanted to try to create a menu that moves the items when the mouse passes over them, moving to the right and returning immediately after.
No sooner said than done. In a few seconds the AI returns the HTML code that I take and paste into a Sparkle page and that you can see at this address:
You can compare it with this one that I made exclusively with the tools that SPARKLE makes available (which are already of enormous help) IL PICCOLO AIUTO
There is no better or worse but only different interpretations and tools. I will never stop thanking Duncan and his staff for bringing this tool to life which in such difficult times has allowed me to reinvent myself professionally. Now, to close, I wanted to start making these two formidable tools interact more and more: SPARKLE and AI; always experimenting with new things, movements, color changes, transitions, zooms and so on that I can then insert in the next sites. My primary goal now is to get myself a very small database, connect it to SPARKLE and publish it. I don’t know anything yet, but I don’t stop trying. I try to do it as much as possible while it’s still in free mode.


Thank you, you just gave me a fantastic idea!

Food for thought, thanks!

Btw on my iPhone your site shows exactly what you mean but in reader mode it only shows html code. :flushed: