Sparkle and Ghost Blogging & Publishing

I was wondering if @duncan has looked into using the GHOST open source blogging / publishing platform to integrate with Sparkle app. It looks amazing.


Cheers for your ears, Scott!

@rimram, I’ve had a good look at Ghost about a month ago. It looks far better than WordPress for a blog but I think it is far to diverse in Sparkle’s approach to the web… plus it is expensive!

DropInBlog is another one but again a bit too expensive.
For now I’m just manually creating my blog posts and waiting to see what Duncan comes out with! :slight_smile:

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@greenskin I think it would be expensive if you just wanted to blog family stuff or life events, but equally if you were monetising a blog then it would pay for itself in the long term, that is IF you have product for sale that people wanna buy!!

It sure does look nice though. I think I’m a little confused, because I thought that it being open source and if you used your own hosting and develop the product with their API then you would not be paying to use their hosting services?

It will be interesting to see what Duncan is able to bring to the table in this regard. Exciting times :slight_smile:


There’s a lot of open source stuff but not really anything that fits neatly with Sparkle’s approach.