Sparkle And The Not So Free Web!

There are many reason why I love Sparkle and one of the big ones are that I have say and ownership over my own work entailing in how I present it on the web and who I support. I’m not governed by a server cloud policy that can change month by month!

Our everyday choices, (especially with our wallets) bit by bit, defines our reality. I need the web to run our ethical design studio so I have seen a lot and have become aware how more and more it is being policed stifling free expression. More and more I am noticing a narrative that when we question or overstep it we get put in our place! :frowning:

So where is this going? Be aware… PayPal is now policing their clients and if they deem you have violated their take on reality they will cancel and delete your PayPal account - PayPal and ADL team up to attack revenue sources of those "spreading and profiting from all forms of hate"

It is conveniently packaged under the words “hate speech” and “extremism”, where in 99% of cases it is an opposing viewpoint. Admittingly there is that 1%! :frowning: But PayPal will also share their “detective work” with all other financial institutions and it sounds like they can do likewise without the courts getting involved! :frowning: I don’t know about you but this sounds more like they are overstepping the line! :frowning:

Anyways thought to let you all know but more importantly that I am so grateful for the business model Sparkle takes allowing me in the pilot seat of my online journey! :slight_smile:


Thanks you for letting us now, really appreciated :slight_smile:

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It would be interesting to have your website address to see what PayPal are getting so hot under the collar about.

@JAYEMM1951, I really don’t use PayPal but a lot of my clients do.

A very clear narrative at the moment is when people question what is going on and doesn’t agree with what is being spewed forth with no foundational proof, you are labelled a “hater”! With that label more and more the corporate world is stepping in and policing us users of the web!

My point was how Sparkle allows me to create and express without any limitations or narrative! And for that reason I will back it over the malicious-corporate narrative that is becoming the norm out there!


Calm down, fella! I only asked for the address of your website (which, BTW, you still have not revealed).

Why are you asking me to calm down? I’m confused.

I’m just explaining my reason behind you asking. My website isn’t connected to PayPal so it won’t give you any clues - the reason behind me not posting it.

But here you go - - It’s just a placeholder page at the moment.

I asked you to calm down because, in response to a simple question, you reply with a multi-paragraph rant about corporate conspiracies to silence your voice. You’re entitled to your world-view, but I just asked a simply question.

On a more “on topic” matter, the site design is beautiful. I’d recommend giving an international style telephone number, and I’m not sure PO Box number only addresses give me confidence in dealing with an organisation. A street address says “We exist outside cyberspace”.

And what PayPal took offence to… No idea!

Sorry, it really isn’t a conspiracy because it is out there for all to see but I hear what you are saying that I went over and beyond - the passion! :slight_smile:

@JAYEMM1951, Thanks for your complement on my website placeholder, appreciated! :slight_smile:

My target market is more Australia, but I see your point. The web is international so a potential client outside of Australia is put at a disadvantage… so now it is +61 …

I totally agree with you regarding the address, but we work from our home studio so hence the PO Box.
Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

Greenskin is one of the more respected on this board. I always checkout your sites GS.
Frankly PayPal for my non profits is a pain. Re-routing receipts and records to 3 different committees makes me scream.
E-transfer is the way of the world right now, but one must offer different choices.
Thanks for the help and inspiration @greenskin


@Woodrow, You have made me blush! Thank you for your kind words! :slight_smile:

I do my best on this end and will continue to help and inspire!!! :slight_smile: :star:

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