Sparkle and updating existing website

Simple question. How to use Sparkle to update pages of an already existing website ? Where to find a step by step instruction ?

Hello and welcome to Sparkle.

Simple question? Oh my! Unfortunately, the answer is not.

In my opinion, it is not possible, because Sparkle has a different - its own - concept of how a website is made. But it depends on the source material.

Sparkle can, within certain limits, import an existing web page, which can then be edited. But the result is then a completely new page.

Have a look at the documentation:
Page Setup and Import

In my opinion, Sparkle is the opportunity to completely rebuild a website.

Mr. F.

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Hi @MSzulc,

Sparkle doesn’t work with HTML internally, it only generates HTML (and supporting files) as the last step of the publishing or export process. But the coding and features will certainly be very different from the original.

Sparkle has the ability to import an existing site, with varying levels of quality (depending on the coding of the site).

You can run the importer by selecting File → “New by importing a website”, Sparkle will recreate the layout and import text and images, and check whether it’s worth using that or not.

Advice was: “Sparkle is the opportunity to completely rebuild a website”. I followed this up and created exactly a similar website as I had. No problem with Sparkle: very user friendly.