Sparkle asking to upgrade when I did a week ago

Anyone else having issues when trying to publish their website and it asks to upgrade? I recently renewed my subscription but am now unable to publish my website. Any help is appreciated.

@Settide, it would be best to have a chat with @duncan about this…

Do you have two Sparkle apps onboard? A free trial from the Sparkle website and another from the Apple Store? Is the Sparkle app you are using sitting in your Application folder on your Mac? Just a couple of things to ponder!..

Just emailed @duncan about it so we’ll see. I have the most recent version, I simply update when it pops up. Have not downloaded any other version from app store or website. But thanks for the idea! In the app I clicked to get a free trial to get me by until its resolved but the code doesn’t work that was given. It could be something I am doing wrong, but hopefully it gets resolved. Just wasn’t sure if someone else ran into this issue.

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