Sparkle Assets Confusion

I understand that images an assets are referenced externally and can be assigned to either remain in the original location or reside in the sparkle project. But … are ALL assets … when compiled and published… available as their respective images in the output folder? A little more detail …

To save time for similar projects i tend to use an existing project as a template for the next. I’ve come to the point where one of my existing hamburger.svg files needs to change colour. I’ve tried to locate this svg on my computer but can’t find it (probably from the very first project template i downloaded). So i thought i would simply go to the output of one of my existing projects, get the SVG from there and change as required. But I cannot find this file in any of my previous project output assets, either in image folder or otherwise. Even as i’m writing this i’m doubting myself so i’ve just done a quick check of the published HTML and i cannot find the file “sparkle-burger-tight-white.svg” mentioned anywhere. What’s even more impressive is that there are two hamburger menus in my project, both reference the same file … and one of them is black. Totally confused haha.

I’m guessing i can just obtain another file from somewhere and reference that but i really was expecting to see this in the output and would love to know whats going on here. :0)


When you mark the icon, and check “style” you should see a magnifying glass. A klick leads you to the location it is stored.
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Mr. F.

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Hey Mr F.

Yeah thanks but in this instance clicking the mag glass does nothing. I believe the original project was a purchased template and everything was in the project itself so no external assets. But my main curiosity is to the reason there is no output file for this particular svg.

Small SVGs are inlined in the HTML page source, there’s no actual output file, it improves browser performance.

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Ah. there you go. Thank you