Sparkle Documentation in PDF - Now available!

Is there a pdf version of the Sparkle Documentation available?

That was one of my 1st questions when i joined the community.
I was told there wasn’t any (yet) but people would like to have one (see the thread).
It was on Duncan’s todo list, but he (unfortunately) had other priorities at that moment.

So i decided to make one and make it available to the community (see the link below)
After a week of hard working i managed to finished it and here it is!
I pledge that i will try to keep it as updated as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to send me your comments or suggestions, it will help to make this
documentation even better.

Sparkle Printable PDF Documentation (download link)


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Often discussed here and the short answer is: not at the moment

You could make your own pdf documentation from the website, there are more people interested in.

@MiWe Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply, so you’re saying that it’s not available.
Do you recon that there are (lot) ppl who would like to get one?
I wonder if @duncan would mind if someone would create a pdf.

I’ll wait his reaction :slight_smile:

I will add my vote to this suggestion…

We do plan on offering one, but we’re caught up in many things. Sure go for it, as long as it’s not labelled as official or anything like that.

Thanks @duncan

I am already working on it.
For those who want to have a sneak peak here’s a link to the one (in google docs) i am working on, btw it’s the english version:

Sparkle Website Builder 4.0 Documentation (draft)


  • This is still a draft (it’s a work in progress)
  • Feel free to comment

Wow that was quick, great job!

Thanks @duncan

Working hard :sweat:

i’m impressed by Sparkle and the philosophy behind it
also considering to get myself a subscription instead of the licence

To all,

The following pages are completed

What is Sparkle
The Editing Cycle
The User Interface

The other pages only contains text
Formatting and images are coming (i’m working on it)


I agree: excellent work.

Perhaps you could add practical tips on individual topics, such as what you can create with it, or what else it is suitable for.

Like a tips and tricks collection.

This could be done here in the forum.

Mr. F.

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Wow that is great work, I totally love it.
Help yourself to add my key combination list.
I also like the idea from Mr Fozzie with Tipps and tricks, but Tipps and tricks should come from all of us.
We can start a forum thread where we collect all those Tipps and tricks.
We really could help Sparkle to make it sparkle :laughing:
Also good idea could be make some short tutorial videos.

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Hi @Mr_Fozzie and @MiWe

Thanks guys, appreciate your support.
About the Tips & Tricks - yesterday i was already thinking about starting a new topic fully and only dedicated to it
(i was triggered by the question/remark about Handbrake posted by @producerguyaz )

My intension is to collect those tips and tricks and put them in a googledoc/pdf and share it with the community

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While I agree a collection of tips would be useful, and the forum could be a great resource for that, I wouldn’t want them to only be in a third party document, we’d most likely incorporate them (or a selection) into a revision of the main documentation.

By the way the Handbrake issue I followed up in private with @producerguyaz, is a weird behavior of the macOS video decoding in that specific circumstance (non-aligned AV start), which trips up Sparkle up to 4.0.4. The upcoming 4.0.5 actually fixes it, so I guess not a long term tip if anything.

Wow. Just freakin’ Wow. We sure need this. Thank you for your endeavours.


Just finished “porting” all text to the google docs
(preview available)

Next step inserting all the images



Thanks Mike for sharing the Sparkle keyboard shortcuts, appreciate!
But i already did had the all Sparkle Keyboard dumped into a google sheet
(i notice that a few ones were missing on yours - may due to mine is of the latest Sparkle version)
If you want i can share my sheet



Currently about 50% is done.
@duncan , @MiWe , @Woodrow
He guys would you mind to have a look and
let me know if you’re happy / satisfy with it

i will later add the references to (internal) topics

Looks great. You may want to place the updated link as you progress. I’ve reviewed it all read your (image) where you want to place the image.
Fantastic work by the way.

Great Job @wolfferine. Thanks for your effort.