Sparkle file will not open

I have tried opening about an 8-month-old sparkle document, and I get am unable to open dialogue. This has occurred since I upgraded to the most recent version of Sparkle. Is there a fix for this?

Delete the new version and reinstall it. Work for me.

Ricardo’s delete Sparkle and reinstall solution confirmed.

You will need your licence code handy - and the process is different depending on if you purchased Sparkle from the Sparkle store or macOs App Store.

Read more here:

Hi @liven2, sorry about that.

We have determined this to be caused by two possible issues:

  • apps like CleanMyMac removing localizations from Sparkle
  • Sparkle being moved while running

We have fixes for both in 3.0.9 (unreleased), for the time being you can re-download Sparkle and it will work.

Thank you! I have re-downloaded the app and installed and it fixed the issue. :slight_smile:

Thank you I was able to re-download from the App store and reinstall and it cleared up the problem! :slight_smile: