Sparkle folder not showing in iCloud

Hi all. this could be a Sparkle issue or not. But I thought I better mention it. My Sparkle folder has disappeared from my iCloud. It’s still there, but I cannot see it. This could be a macOS issue as I am on the bata testing programme for Big Sur, yes it’s still in beta! If any of the other users are on bata, have they seen the same? Or has anyone else lost the folder? I am on Version 4 by the way. Everything still works. I thought it might be something to do with the “sensitive data” settings which it asked me to set up.

I have done a little more investigation and all I can say is Sparkle is the only folder affected. I noticed yesterday, before the macOS upgrade, but after the Sparkle upgrade, finder windows inside the app where behaving strangely. They would not open on double click, only when selecting the reveal arrow. My upgrade was through the App Store if it makes any difference.

I can only offer a recovery I guess, not aware of any Sparkle issue in this area.

You should find the files under the home folder Library, inside the Mobile Documents, then iCloud~eu~riverdesign~sparkle then Documents folder.

Or from the command line:

open ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/iCloud~eu~riverdesign~sparkle/Documents

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Thanks for the info. As far as I can see nothing like that exists or is visible. But if I look for a file within the Sparkle folder in a finder search, it says the folder is exactly where it is supposed to be. But in a finder window it is not visible.

Screenshot 2022-01-21 at 16.52.42

Hi Devro,

When files are missing on your Mac it can mean your icloud is out of sync.
Have a look if you’re files online.

  1. Go to and sign in using your Apple ID details.
  2. Click iCloud Drive and look for your missing folders.

You can download individual files from the iCloud website if you find what you’re looking for. To do so, select a single file and click the Download button. Unfortunately, you can’t download entire folders in this way, but they should sync to your Mac eventually.

Other thing you could do is, sign out of your iCloud on the Mac and sign in again.

I hope that helps.



There has now been an update through the App Store and all is now fixed. many thanks for your help.

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I also have this problem, using Sparkle 4.0.7.

The Sparkle folder is not showing in iCloud Drive in Finder, only in the web version of iCloud. The only way to access my Sparkle files in Finder is to do a spotlight search for files with the sparkle suffix. The Sparkle folder can also not be selected as a save destination.

Logging out and back in from iCloud account does not fix this.

What can I do?

Forgot to mention: on iOS devices the folder is shown correctly, just not in Finder (on both of my Macs!).