Sparkle for NFT Project

Hello community! Did you already hear about NFT´s? If not. This is the moment!
I’ve just made this website for this project call PANOT, based on the tiles that you find on Barcelona.
Still on working but… with the blockchain and web3 al happens too quickly!

Your opinion as always are very welcome!




A good start @soygrafico! :slight_smile:

I think I came across this last week through a friend that was mentioning the craze! You buy these patterns (blockchained) with cryptocurrency and they sort of represent collectable art (digital in this case) that increase in price based on the demand. Is that the case?

Anyways an unusual project! When your done please let us know! :slight_smile:

Yes Hendrik, it is based on a decentralized technology that makes impossible any modification on the original element without the permission of the one who made it. Without doubt it’s the future.
Thanks for your comment and yes I will keep up the update here.

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Love the colors in this so much!
Love Barcelona, too! We had the best time there! The Sagrada Familia was an inspiration!


Nice work!

PS: The post must not be at least 20 characters. (:

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Site updated! Let me know your comments and collect one before it’s too late.