Sparkle Free Banner still on during free trial?

Hi all!

I’ve searched through the forum looking for an answer and haven’t found it yet. If Sparkle works well, I’m going to need the Pro version. I started with the Mac App Store free download and it seems to be working. In order to publish it to a local disk, I had to move to Pro, so I started the free trial. My website still has the “Made with Sparkle free version” on it.

Does it only go away when you actually pay for it? :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Unless things have changed the free version of Sparkle always advertises "Made with Sparkle free version” and goes away once you have purchased Sparkle.

I’m sure @duncan will chime to further clarify…

It went away when I have I have purchased the Pro version.

Yes you can only remove the banner by actually buying Sparkle.

Thank you everyone for your responses!