Sparkle Ftp connection slow or stopping

Hi community,
Does anyone else struggle with the ftp connectivity and upload speed in the app?
I’ve been in discussion with Duncan prior to release 3 with stalling and massive time in uploading, and didn’t really get any resolution. My main site is circa 900mb and will not upload using the ftp connection in sparkle, with 1 or multiple connections selected. It starts fine and fails about half way through the upload, I did manage to get a full upload with the newest version but it took about 6 hrs. After, I did an update and had no luck with a site refresh, just a stall after several hours.
I have 2 other small sites on the same server which both upload fine with the sparkle app ftp.
When I use FileZilla a full fresh upload takes about 3 hrs and a single page refresh takes only minutes.
I’ve been through connectivity etc with Duncan and all is good in that area. My host is Hostinger who recommended using FileZilla for upload, but surely an ftp connection is not specific to the client.
It’s very annoying having to export to disc rather than in app.

Thoughts ??

Possible reasons for slow publishing:

  1. complex layout, multi device, many pages, elements (particularly menus) visible on all pages
  2. slow computer
  3. slow upload bandwidth
  4. slow web host

You can’t really work around #1. Even if you publish via FileZilla you still need to export to disk, which is #1.

Everything else is stuff we can’t really do anything about, just a matter of figuring out what the issue is.