Sparkle license issue

I am an old user,
the part I have to pay for the new software does not work.
also do you have an additional discount for old users?

Hi @erkankalaycioglu, you don’t actually have to pay if you don’t need the new features.

I assure you many many users are buying the upgrade, so “does not work” needs something more substantial, maybe an elaborate description or a screenshot?

The discount for old users is 50%.

loading on the screen does not go from the section to the next

and i want to pay

? the price old user %50 discounted ok i m understand and with %30 black friday discount aviable ?

have can i pay the new apple store sparkle 3

The discount is either 30% (new customer) or 50% (upgrade for old customer), they can’t be combined.

If you click on those buttons you are paying with appstore credit yes.

%50 discount onetime charge upgrade button when im click there write only loading
not come the paying method
Ekran Resmi 2020-11-14 21.11.45

That sounds like a glitch in the AppStore, not something we have much control over. I can only suggest turning it off an on again:

  • open the AppStore app
  • log out
  • log back in (use the same Apple ID used to purchase originally)

first i close my mac
and then i logout my apple ID
and the last i sign my apple ID
the problem is not finish.

I got help from apple store
They said that the program I want to install is only available in the USA store and does not include my country.
My registered country is turkey.

Its actually available worldwide.

sorry but my problem is not solved
does not make purchases from the apple store
how can you help me

Ekran Resmi 2020-11-21 12.35.24

We have no way to help with AppStore issues, Apple gives us no tool to help and no visibility on individual purchases, let alone account or regional availability. You need to contact Apple support.

The other option is to purchase Sparkle from our website, but we hav no way of validating previous purchases.

apple solved the problem I managed to buy it but now
I have another problem at home
old license my kids use the sparkle app
but now it says single user it is a big problem for me

Not really sure what that means sorry. Screenshots?

Ekran Resmi 2020-11-21 15.06.28

Right. Sparkle’s in app purchases are not family shared, they’re single user.

but my old sparkle pro available family lisense,
new my same lisense it’s must be same rights.
dunken, i hope you can bring a solution.
this is very important to my family.

Is that the appstore version of Sparkle? We only sell the family license on from our website.

maybe i can cancel my new order and i you can help me mr duncan this important for my family

Sure. You will need to contact Apple’s AppStore support about the refund, we have no tools for individual AppStore sales.