Sparkle & new M1 ship

Is sparkle optimized to work with new Macs with M1 chip? Have you done any tests?
(I have a mac book pro with 3,5 GHz Intel Core i7 and the publishing is not always very fast…)
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Yes Sparkle 3 is a universal app. We tested on the DTK, it’s the same Sparkle as on Intel macs.


Do you think Sparkle could run faster with the new M1 than with my current computer?

I can really only go by the benchmarks, and the M1 is benchmarked to be faster than any Intel laptop. I don’t see why sparkle wouldn’t also be faster.

Thank you (and congratulation for your software!)

It is faster at my Mac Book Air M1

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I guess that doesn’t mean Sparkle can work on iPad as well?

No, development for iPad is quite different in many ways.

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Are you seeing the spinning beach ball at all?

@Angel49 With all the reviews and online articles I’ve read, the M1 Apple Silicon is a beast of a chip. With Native apps such as Sparkle I would imagine this is only good news and I can’t imagine anything negative.

Across the board the M1 is besting Intel chips and also the M1 GPU is way faster than Intel Intergrated graphics.
Even non native apps that are recompiled on opening using Rosetta 2 are running (in most cases) faster or as fast as apps on Intel! Also the internal SSD are incredibly fast!

Way to go Apple!


No beach ball shown. :grin: