Sparkle preview ..--

Where is the preview stored om my mac ?
I want to be sure that it’s deleted because every time I do a preview safari displays another .local preview.

It’s generated when needed, stored in Sparkle’s memory and the browser cache.

Strange, when I start Sparkle and then select fx. and then preview, safari starts up showing as preview. Then I quit safari and then select preview again, then safari shows

I have 3 different projects in Sparkle, one tab for each.

When I use Preview my Sparkle always posts the page I previewed before and then after a while produces the preview page I selected.

Not really sure what you mean. There’s a single preview service, even if you have multiple windows in Sparkle, the front-most one shows the preview.

The preview is from localhost (or your machine’s name .local address), is a different domain so if you see a mixup of those, it’s Safari’s mistake.

That’s Safari’s cache at work. It shows whatever content it knew about when loaded.