Sparkle pro 4 password

hello, is there an option for the user to forget the password and set her own password?

hello, also how can I make a user-specific page redirection with a password.

Just link a button to a special contact form “password recover”, when you get that email you can reset the password in the sparkle settings and reupload the website.

Here is the solution for you last question:

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I have searched the page many times but could not reach the result. I wonder if there is a design or a more understandable sample page that you can send an example like on other pages. Many thanks in advance for your help.

Support (Duncan) can help you for sure.

Hi @erkankalaycioglu, the password management is currently entirely in Sparkle, there is nothing server side. It is also not currently possible to have a per-user redirection.

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Thank you for returning the information.
I hope you can find a solution to this problem. because users do not want to give their passwords to us due to personal data.
We have been waiting for a long time.
I bought version 4 to use password.
but it does not matter. It is important to support you financially as old and loyal users.

I’m very happy with version 4, meanwhile, I started experimenting. I will continue with the feedback.

I would appreciate it if you could please notify me when there is an improvement regarding the password.

problems… :
1.user create own password
2.User forget or change password
3.sending the login information to the user e-mail or whatsapp

There are other solutions to this outside of Sparkle, like for example Ecwid.

I had the impression this new password management was to do with giving access to our clients regarding courses, pricing page, onboarding, etc, etc… A bit different to the database driven platforms.

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I have seen and wanted to try a script that does exactly what you want. You install it on your server and integrate a embed html in your sparkle site.
Seemed very straight forward and not hard to realise it.
Can have a look if I find it again if needed.
I agree with @FlaminFig the purpose of that password function has probably a different purpose, for me I need a password protected area for clients. I that case I am choosing the password for them.

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That is was i was talking about, check this out: LINK

some other scripts are working on Sparkle, I have tested the News Script already, and believe that could also work. Like I said it needs a database and needs to be installed on a server, from there you can embed it into Sparkle.

Thank you very much,
I will take a look and let you know.

Thank you very much, I will take a look and let you know.