Sparkle Pro release notes

Where on the website is the link to Sparkle Pro’s version history?

I’ve found intermittent postings about some releases but cannot find where the complete official change log is. MacUpdate does have some information but that is 3rd party and not entirely reliable.

We don’t have a version history. We should add one.

there is one in the mac app-store down to version 2.8.5, but don’t know if that helps

Were you interested in something specific?

Being retired from ~40 years in IT system programming, I use old school methods to maintain an original distribution media archive of all software that I’ve licensed and/or installed. This enables me to easily reinstall, revert to a previous version or use an unsupported version in a virtual machine running an older macOS. (Snow Leopard for example:-)

Occasionally this archive needs to be curated as it’s really not necessary to keep all versions. For example, if a new feature is introduced in an application, followed by 3 bug fix releases before the next significant change, the new feature introductory release and first two bug fix releases aren’t really needed. Only the 3rd bug fix release is significant.

A version history is invaluable for maintaining this archive. It’s also useful in determining whether or not to update software.

Incidentally, I also archive OSs and iPhone applications in the same manner. Having the IOS archive is the only way to revert to a previous version of an iPhone app using Apple Configurator 2.