Sparkle Pro Yearly Subscription

Couple of months ago (August 2020) i purchased the Pro Yearly Subscription. Doesn’t appear my license propagated over to Version 3. If the price has gone up, are you just billing me the difference between the subscription prices? Certainly I do not have to pay for an additional year at the new price.

Thank you

Hi @Jamey,

sorry about the trouble. The subscription should get Sparkle 3 features automatically, if that doesn’t happen it’s a bug of some sort, no need to purchase anything. Haven’t heard this from any other user, so it must be some glitch on your setup. Would you please send me a screenshot of the “Your License” screen and we’ll figure it out:

And I did try the Restore Option as well.

It would seem you might have the Appstore version instead of the version from our website. Unfortunately the licensing is different, because Apple doesn’t allow developers to activate software with licenses purchased out of the Appstore. Where di you purchase the Sparkle license from?

Actually I purchased it through your company. Billed as Paddle…

I figured it out! As always Duncan, thank you for the fast response. Just did something dumb on my part.