Sparkle project file size

I noticed when I changed backgrounds on my navigation menu that my file size jumped by over 2gb and the file freezes and slows down to a slow crawl. The image I am using is an 8bit black & white image that is around 2mb in size, but for some reason when imported into Sparkle it is using over 2gb worth of space and freezing the app making my project virtually unusable. I have experienced this before and changed images, but I really wish to use the image as a background. I have tried converting it from JPG & PNG, but it didn’t make any significant difference. Any suggestions? I have attached the image. Thanks!

@EricExtreme, Maybe it’s best to have a talk to Duncan ( about it. It seems strange…

Maybe email the original file (zipped), and send a screenshot of the settings where the image is added. I tried reproducing the problem you mention but it all worked fine.

Without the nav background image the project is 934mb as seen in one photo.
With the background image the project is 2.62gb as seen in the other photo.

Without the background the app is speedy. With the background it becomes non responsive for periods of times and does the same thing to my whole computer. I had a different back ground on there previously and it was fine.

This is a snapshot of the image settings.

  1. please send the original background image, compressed with zip so that mail doesn’t mangle it, via email to
  2. select that image in the Sparkle canvas, and send a screenshot of the inspector for that image (not the site settings)

Discussing bugs here is not useful because nobody in the community can research, troubleshoot or fix these problems.

I thought perhaps there is always the chance that someone may have experienced it before and knew what was going on and could have provided some advice. I beta test software for other companies such as Apple, SETI, and Walgreens, as well as a few other small software companies similar to yours. We always welcomed potential bug discussion from the general public as they sometimes see things that we don’t and often come up with work arounds until a bug can get fixed. I apologize as I wasn’t aware that you didn’t welcome that sort of discussion on your forum. I am used to that sort of discussion being welcomed and encouraged and wrongfully assumed that it was here as well. My mistake.

Sorry it’s not about welcoming or not. I realize that some huge companies are not responsive to incorrect behavior, so you need to find a workaround with the help of other people’s experience. In our case though, bugs are addressed and fixed all them time. You are welcome to write here, but once I recognize it as a possible bug and ask specifically to email us, it’s pointless to write here. It’s not about perception, all software has bugs, it’s just to avoid a lengthy turnaround (timezone differences etc) and just get around to fixing the bug.