Sparkle quit every time I close a project

Sparkle quit every time I close a particular project, when I reopen Sparkle with another project (that work fine) it appear also the previous one, and when I try to close it Sparkle quit again.
Can somebody help? Thanks

@PaoloPa, I’m sorry to hear that.

I have never experienced that before so it might be best to get onto @duncan with the problem -

Hi @PaoloPa, sorry but it’s pointless to post this kind of question in the forum. Clearly with tens of thousands of users, that is not a normal occurrence. The usual when encountering a crash (or something that’s clearly buggy behavior):

  • fill in the crash report (the one that comes up when restarting Sparkle) with your contact details and a description of what led to the crash
  • contact us via email ( with the project file, screenshots, other relevant details

I did but I had no answer. I will do it again Thanks

Sorry but we did not receive your email. If you entered it into a crash report we might have missed it.

No question is pointless. Keep asking.

In general, I agree that no question is pointless. But Duncan’s point is that it is pointless to ask on the forum as no one can help. This should have been addressed to Sparkle tech support directly.

I’ve heard privately that some users don’t feel comfortable asking questions in this forum after the ugliness of some people here in the last month. We can’t have that or this forum becomes useless. Especially for new users.

This assumption that a problem can’t be fixed by someone in the forum is wrong. This may not be a tech problem. It may be simple user or workflow error. Us pro users don’t always know the problem origin, let alone a new user. With a new Sparkle version and a new MacOs were all experiencing quirks. Add an M1 Mac to the equation and it can get worse.

I’ve had this problem when I hastily close a project file without letting Sparkle finish saving. A process that can take up to a full minute with large projects on Intel Macs. My fix was to open the problem file and manually save it. Close Sparkle and restart the Mac.

I have no intention of discouraging people from asking questions, and I’m sorry if my solution-oriented thinking (occupational hazard) and bluntness result in a difficulty for anybody.

Once again, everybody feel free to post anything on the forum.

That said our only goal is to make Sparkle more stable as fast as possible, like @habboud says, the specifics of the issue make posting it here not conducive to a fast solution.

Repeat: anytime Sparkle crashes (software has bugs!) please report it directly to us ( There is no “mistake” in software use that should lead to a crash. Also realistically there is no other Sparkle user that can help with a crash, let alone a crash on load.

Seriously we’re not Adobe in a good way, if Sparkle crashes you don’t have to work around it for half a year.


Deleting the caches seems to solve the problem

Sorry non techie here. How does one delete caches? Having crashes and slow running iMac since upgrade to S3

Sparkle - Preferences - Remove all

Correct. But that’s not in the project (gear wheel).
Go to the global settings for sparkle in the top menu bar, right of the apple icon.
There you see the cache for the projects in sparkle.

Have a nice sunday. Mr- F.

Turns out this is a Big Sur bug we have fixed in 3.0.6, coming soon.

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Thank you. Did speed up a bit. I

Thank you as I mentioned to PaoloPa this did help.