Sparkle Site - Converted from Muse

Here’s one that was completed late last year.

Site migration from Muse to Sparkle, and a bit of a design refresh along the way.

  • New site built with Sparkle:
  • Old site built with Muse:
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Hi Chris, Sparkle version is much nicer in my humble opinion :slight_smile:
What or how didi you do the Times page and also If I may ask, what facility did you use for the Login page.

The FAQ page works i.e spit out into separate pages, but it would be nice to have an accordion widget in sparkle.

Well done,


@Chris, Well done! :slight_smile: That is a fairly good sized website you duplicated in Sparkle and I see you have worked around a few things, nice! There is also a big difference in loading speed - Sparkle wins outright!

How long did it take you to totally duplicate the Muse site to Sparkle?

Bikram Fitzroy took about 4 days because we changed quite a few things and it has a lot of pages., Fuel Hot Yoga took about 3, more changes but less complex layout and less pages.

Sparkle pages load a lot faster by a long shot, SEO results are better also.

The login and timetable is from MindBody and their Branded Web Tools, inserted with the Embed HTML feature.

I’m going to fix the login button as I have sine learnt a .SVG can be used. The current button is a 72px PNG - a limitation of the Mindbody features.

I missed the accordion widget a little bit at the beginning however having the FAQ answers on seperate pages was faster to build than the Muse accordion version.

Also, because there is a lot of relevant text content, SEO results are much better. Google wants people to provide lots of relevant content, which the FAQ pages supply. It’s easy to Index pages, not so easy to index content in an accordion.

I think accordions work for small lists with short paragraphs but not much for large blocks of text.

You can see on the old website, mobile version, an accordion was used for the price list. From a UX point of view it just didn’t work. The new mobile website price list is much better - viewers can get the information they need in seconds, with no tap tap tapping and weird up and down scrolling.

Try them both side by side and see what you think:

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