Sparkle Site - The Little Picnic Co

Refined, elegant, and bohemian was the theme for this site highlighting the unusual and unique approach taken in offering a picnic service - The Little Picnic Co.

Pages : 9
Devices : 1200, 960, 768, 480, 320px
Extra Elements Used : Detailed Booking Form, Bespoke CSS

Our clients’s site started with us assisting and creating their brand and brand-language. Then we moved onto collateral and the website and as you can tell I had a really great and inspiring time with it using a clutter free canvas and a number of unique elements to emotionally engage the ideal client.

The client has taken a break (burnt-out) because her business grew so quickly, but again Sparkle shined as we were able to create something really unique for a unique business! :slight_smile:


WOW! Gorgeous site. The photos, the font, the design… everything! Sounds like an interesting experience and you kept giving the action button to book with them. Really impressive.


@Vocabgirl, Wow a really big thank you for your kind words and I’m stoked you love it! :slight_smile:

How are you going with using Sparkle? Creating beautiful sites?
I have been using Sparkle close to 9-10 months now and everytime I do a project I surprise myself in what Sparkle has on offer! :slight_smile: