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Modern, clean and asked to keep it simple, with a touch of “farmness”! Our client was over their previous Adobe Muse site that was just not working correctly anymore! The owner is passionate about their farm and growing close to fully organic garlic and tomatoes with100’s of variety, and also offering it to the public as seed or seedlings here in Tasmania. All the images used is from the client - they have a talent for still photography! :slight_smile:

Pages : 12
Devices : 960, 320px
Extra Elements Used : [Integrated Shopify Store - scraped] Will be integrating Ecwid Store soon

The website is a multi-page site and will be focused around giving a great online shopping experience, informative articles now and again via their blog, and the guidance of newsletter signups. Since launch they have been stoked with how well it all works and how they can find themselves far better than before through online searches… all because of Sparkle… my secrete weapon! :slight_smile:


@greenskin This is a great design, clean, elegant and clearly arranged. The pictures are also excellent. The page smells garlic and tomatoes. I love it. Congratulations.

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One thing though… You might wanna delete the “Integrated Shopify Store” in the footer.

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A really big thank you @ThomasC for you supporting comments! :slight_smile: Really appreciated!
I had fun with it! Sparkle just rocks! :slight_smile:

@ThomasC, Well spotted thank you! :slight_smile:
I guess I should, in fact I now have, removed it because it won’t be Shopify anymore! Shopify isn’t for the small to medium businesses anymore where on the other hand I have had great results with Ecwid.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

@greenskin You are very welcome and it is all well deserved.

I, too chose Ecwid for our soon to come e-commerce website and am very happy with it so far. Can’t wait to finish it and then I will be curious to see how it all works in real life.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

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@ThomasC, Hey that is great to hear! :slight_smile:

Have you been pre-testing it on your iMac / MacBook Pro via Preview?
We are building one out at the moment for a client and it is just fantastic that I have it fully working on my localhost pre-launch.

Is this you first go at e-commerce? Ok, I’m curious… what are you selling?
You’ve got to let us all know when you launch so we can come and geek at it! And good luck with it, and I hope it all goes your way! :slight_smile:

@greenskin Yeah, it is quite exciting, as it is my first time setting up an e-shop. Yes, I have pre-tested it on both iMac and MBP and it looks amazing. Both Sparkle and Ecwid are such great tools for an amateur trying to do everything by himself.

My wife an I are running a holistic healing centre in the South of Crete. The products related to a healthy life such as Cretan herbs, olive oil, honey, natural cosmetics etc. will be sold on this e-commerce website. As soon as the site goes online, I will let you all know. As we are still quite busy with our main business, our webdesign has to wait - just like Sparkle 3.0 - another few weeks.

Thanks a lot for the encouragement!!


Wow @ThomasC loving your product range! :slight_smile:
The petroleum industry has outright complicated and diseased our lives with their byproducts so it is great to hear people like you offering us the healthy and life supporting alternative!

You and your wife will do great! :slight_smile:

@grennskin Nice design, as I know you. Just one small advice from a pro photographer and visual consultant: try to make the main photo at the home section about 1-2 stops brighter. You know must viewers don’t have calibrated screens, so they might see it even darker than it is, and think: “what is this?”. As the client wants it with a touch of “farmness” adjust colors to a warmer tone.
Same for the 3 pix in “Panty Items”, “Gardening” and Experiences.

Keep on going…

1 Like, Thanks for your suggestion… much appreciated! :slight_smile:

I took another look at it but also knowing the buttons on the hero image was a bit tricky so to not loose contrast I cropped the image allowing me to lift the brightness somewhat more.

I also adjusted it with a bit more warmth, plus the ones you have suggested as well.
Looks much better, thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes much better you’re right. Always welcome! :+1:

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Hi - I love the site, very clean! Love the cherry tomatoes and the lavender pics toward the bottom!
I would actually suggest making all your pictures brighter and a little more in focus. They’re so beautiful, I’d like to see them more clearly!


@EvolvedFamily, Thank you for your kind words - much appreciated! :slight_smile:

The pictures are great and the ones I have no text over stand out and shine. But you are right, the ones with text over the top I have slightly blurred and darkened allowing for better contrast to read the text which is important so the image is more a background with a hint of image and emotion.

I have made sure all other images on the site are of good colour (leaning towards the warmer tones), good quality, and sized and categorised to have them standout and be noticed! :slight_smile:
Enjoy! :slight_smile: