Sparkle Site - Waterton Hall Wines [Shopify Ecommerce & Booking Platform]

I had a lot of fun with this project and was the first site that I really pushed Sparkle to its limits!

Pages : 15
Devices : 960, 768, 480, 320px
Extra Elements Used : Shopify Shopping Cart, FareHarbour Tourism Booking Platform, Newsletter Subscription integrated with Campaign Monitor, Bespoke CSS

The site was branded from the newly created Waterton Hall Wines wine bottle labels, with strong bold imagery selling the vineyard visually and keeping the sites layout clutter free.

I have groomed the site’s SEO through all that Sparkle has to offer including social media and my client is very happy with their Google ranking of their vineyard, the tourism side, and the wedding venue they offer. We also have a hidden Wine Sales Special page that can only be reached via the quarterly newsletter that goes out to the subscribers.


Congratulations! @greenskin
I can see why you had a lot of fun!
It’s a beautiful website.
I like this kind of website structure. Clutter free (as you call it) but quite effective. Very stylish. Fits perfectly to the brand. I also like the colour scheme.


FANTASTIC site! Great work. :slight_smile:

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@Shadowfax, Hey a big thanks for your kind words… really appreciated! :slight_smile:

I always keep the Ideal Client in mind when creating sites and how effective it can be laid out and visually modelled to grab the attention! We don’t have much time to emotionally connect to the IC so colour, white-space, fonts and layout really matter!

@WebRoyal, Hey a big thanks! Like yourself, I’m loving what I can do with Sparkle especially all that freedom it allow for me to create! :slight_smile: