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hi all, new here!

first i want to thank my friend shadowfax, who told me of sparkle some months ago. so i remembered it a month ago and started to use it. after 2 weeks learning i had my holidays, so no computer, then worked again on it - besides regular work, i had 18 days for building up the (still under construction) homepage on

to its recent state. at the beginning with sparkle, i was a little flashed by all the possibilities i could do, and designed wildly for all screens, read the community and the documentations. after holidays, i realized i have to do it again from scratch - so i tried sketch and figured out how easy it is to build up for sparkle. that took 2 days, then i was ready for implementing sketch into sparkle. first i had some issues, of course, but after a while it was really easy. Stunned, that the structure has been created that fast, i began filling content and took a lot of advices and tricks from the forum, thank you all for your ideas! and of course duncan and his team for the great software!

since there’s no space for all the good sparkle does, here my problems i addressed:

  • the animated popups for colour and likewise popups begin to get very slow after a while - i dont know how to deactiavte this animation. for work, a snappy popup, better not animated, is much nicer.
  • of course i’d have a lot of wishes too for the sparkle app. sketch shows a nice gui how to handle work very efficient and intuitive. good that content is exportable to sparkle in an uncomplicated way.
  • some export issues from sketch to sparkle: there’s always +1px to my boxes or groups in sparkle. since it is svg or textboxes, no problem, just realized. and i would love the text capabilities of sketch in sparkle. it was not as easy to adjust line-height and other font stuff in a similar way as it is in sketch.

but the best of the sparkle app is its flexibilty to address a lot of design elements natively, most part i love its ability to handle svgs. coming as a dreamwaver-beginner with a little codings skills over iweb, i began to try some other wysiwig editors like everweb, muse, wordpress, and clearly failed with all of them in all aspects. never felt so good when prototyping and designing, after all it was quite handy done. and the community topic about hyphens definitely showed me how sparkle can be used too. and so, i used quite a bunch of css to tweak the result, but after 4 days of intense work, i think the result is quite nice - though it’s only the 960px-version yet. looking forward for the mobile version (uff …)
for the more experienced/interested: libraries and css-tweaks you find in the code and on
some tests (like some kind of a tooltipp) are on

so, for the end: thank you all again for the nice work and input. and sorry to them whom i stole one or another idea. now you can steal back :wink:
oh, and it all shows best in safari, then chrome. firefox still doesn’t handle backdropfilter by default. other browsers i don’t care anymore and hope, sparkle does it :slight_smile:

best regards, wolfgang


Welcome Wolfgang, and thanks for all the feedback.

I would love to follow up on a number of these, would you get in touch via email?



Well, hello Wolfgang! :grinning:
So nice to see you here! :+1:
Yes, I remember we were talking about Sparkle when we met in early August.
I am quite happy you finally chose Sparkle. :grinning:
In the past years we have often talked about web design software and how painful most of them are!

For the mobile version … after you finished the 960px layout, just do the 320px layout next, and rearrange everything the way you like. So don’t do all 4 versions at once.

The other versions (in-between versions, 768px and 480px) will then scale up or scale down quite nicely and you only have to do minor adjustments.

So you don’t have to design 4 versions, actually just 2. That saves a lot of time. :grinning:

See you soon, hopefully in January.

Koni (Shadowfax)