Sparkle Site - Zentime Wellness

Started as a prelaunch landing page, slowly evolving into a full website, page by page.

Hope you like it!


Good job, i like it… yeah !!

@Chris, It is coming along great! :slight_smile: Loving how you are introducing the Bali elements - they have a revered and balanced fung shui that really appeals and catches the eye!

Phantastic images and nice made website!

Great website and a fantastic landing page.
One recommendation is to also start with a fixed image (the first topmost photo) on the other pages.

Best, Dirk

Very nice! I like your drop-down menu on rollover. Tips on how to do that?

The Drop Down Menu, is simply Sparkle’s menu option configured for mobile.

The rollover effect is default when you configure a Sparkle menu for mobile.

No tricks or hacks.

I’ll be adding some prebuilt menus to the template add-ons section of within a week.

Short video how-to’s are in the pipeline also.