Sparkle upgrade and pricing

As i mentioned in another post, i am absolutely in aw about Sparkle, and thus about to get a license.
But i still have a question about upgrades and pricing.

1st : What are the benefits of getting the subscription model vs a full license?
2nd: When you have a full (pro) license, do you need to pay an upgrade price for a “point release”
example: 4.0 → 4.8

Thanks in advance for the answer/explanation

What I have understood is that with a subscription I get all updates and milestones for free, also for future modules.
With a single licence you get all updates but need to pay a discounted price for a milestone. Future modules cost extra.
Future modules could be a shop system, cms, … not saying that’s planned just imagination.
I hope that helps and believe Duncan will correct me if I have understood something wrong.

Hi @MiWe,
Thanks for your answer
Could you explain, to me, what you mean with milestone update in terms of versioning?
an update from 4.0.4 to 4.2 is that a milestone?
or is it a 4.x to 5.x ?

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While there are many ways to handle subscriptions, we can’t change how the appstore operates so for the sake of full parity we handle them like the appstore does, so when the subscription lapses you no longer have access to the pro features.

The one time purchase of a license on the other hand is a perpetual license, it never expires. You don’t pay for updates based on the version number, you can always use the latest version of the software and all features that were available to you at the time of purchase are still available in future versions of Sparkle. As long as you are subscribed the new features are unlocked for you.

Every so often we add new features that are a paid addition to your license, again this is independent of the version number (though so far we have release new paid features corresponding with the v3 and v4 release), and an optional purchase.

Hi @duncan,
Thanks for your answer. So if i understand it correctly if the next version (say 4.1) has two 2 new features (that one would like to use/have) one needs to pay for an upgrade at a 50% discount of the tier price, right?

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As a milestone I understand 3.x to version 4.0

The pricing reflects the featureset, it’s not necessarily 50% of the full Sparkle release. That model made sense for the features introduced in v3 and v4, we didn’t expect it to be the same every time, so we’ll see.

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