Sparkle website header

How is made the header of the sparkle website, I mean, the translucent material that reflects the content of the page when scrolling?

@dpamping, Ahhh… It is looks fantastic but we won’t see it until Sparkle V3 surfaces! :slight_smile:

You can find a little code on.the website of our forum member selcuk:

I use it also on my start page.

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If it were possible to do in Sparkle in the settings of buttons and photos what [] ( selcuk offers - it would really be sensational.
If it will be in Sparkle 3 soon, I can send money now :slight_smile:

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I have seen that on iOS at least it has like a space between the header and the top of the page, I asume it’s a bug hopefully fixed for 3.0
I can’t wait for the 3.0 release!!

Yes, I think it is a bug and I can find it only in the Safari Browser. I find it now on IOS and on MacOS. The blurred header works fine without space between the header and the top of the page in Chrome and Opera. There is no space also in firefox, but instead the header is not blurred. I think Safari has some little bugs in the moment.

Not seeing any space… where are you seeing it?

I am seeing it on iOS and iPadOS

I am not. Screenshot please?

What version of iOS?

I do see the space @duncan . Using Safari in macOS Mojave 10.14.6.

Turns out it was a bug in Safari 13.1 (I am still on 13.0.5).

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Hello Duncan,
Thank You for take a look.
Best greetings

Could you please send a project file for that at

Always the latest versions in IOS and MacOS.
It appears after one of the latest updates and only in Safari. So it seems to be a bug in Safari.
Best Greetings

I send it to you.
Thank You.

Ok let’s set things straight here. The issue on the Sparkle website is in the unreleased feature of background filters. It will come in Sparkle 3 and will work properly. Browsers breaking their behavior is something we fully support and address when we are aware of it, as is the case for that issue.

The project you sent me contains custom CSS so it falls out of the realm of something we can support, and that’s because Sparkle is largely focused on visual website building, and the troubleshooting of coding issues is something we do not as consulting on a case by case basis, but as engineering on the Sparkle layout engine as a whole.

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When will be Sparkle 3.0 release then? I can’t wait!!

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We have not announce anything yet.

Today the header (and all the item of my Menus) has disappeared on Safari. Eventhough they are visible on Firefox.
Can you help me understand what I did wrong?
All the best,

Hi @Antoine10b, unfortunately impossible to say, it generally works, please provide more details.