Sparkle won´t start after upgrade! HELP

Hey there,

I did purchase Sparkle one and decided to try the 14 days free trial for the pro version. Within those two weeks I was really convinced an upgraded to pro. Now, starting Sparkle, I just get the message, that my 14 days are up an I could go back to my old version or upgrade to pro. After pressing ok either nothing happens or the program crashes and I get a default message by apple. Which is really long and I have no idea what any of it means.
I contacted the support and they gave me a few tips but for now nothing works. So while I wait for another response from them I thought asking you guys might help too.

Has anyone an idea? That was a lot of money I spent and I don’t know what to do.

Thanks in advance


Sorry to hear about that @Helene

But all is not lost and if you get onto Duncan at he will sort your particular issue out and you will have Sparkle back in no time…

Thanks for your reply,

Duncan sent me an email with a possible solution which didn’t work unfortunately. I trust he’s still on it but I thought meanwhile I seek out the wisdom of this community :smiley: