Spinning wheel when opening site file

My sparkle site file is 3.5 gb, last modified june 7, now when opening i get the spinning wheel of death (mac) I deleted the sparkle cache to no effect. Sparke 4.07, license 3x macos 10.15.7. any suggestions? Thank you

How many pages, hires photos and hires videos you have?

Hi @ozone, sorry about the trouble. Does it never complete loading? Larger files can take longer to load, also depending on the hardware of your Mac.

If it’s just not loading please send us the project file. transfer.pcloud.com is free up to 5GB

Hi, it did open but its taking 1 hour and 18 minutes to do so. same thing when saving. I even saved went to work and came back 8 hours and was still spinning. I copied the file to another drive and tried opening it there and not any faster. ?


So send the file and we’ll take a look.

I had a very similar problem (File size: 1.9GB).

In my case, it related almost entire to image files, which are stored in the project file. Unlike videos, you can’t specify they are stored in their original location. Depending on the structure and purpose of your site, the steps I took may be of use to you.

I was displaying many photo galleries. I converted these galleries to videos (using Apple photos) and replaced the galleries with a single 720p video. For downloading by visitors, I stored the originals on Amazon Drive and provided a link.

Videos create posters and until recent versions of Sparkle, these were not compressed. The newer versions do not re-compress existing posters. If you replace videos with exactly the same video or change the poster image position, a new compressed poster is generated. (Also ensure videos are “stored in their current location”).

File size, after these tasks, 299MB. Load and save time massively reduced.

I then upgraded to Sparkle Pro to be able to split my site into lots of “sub-sites” (www.mysite/date/event). The purpose of my site lent itself to this, yours might not. A “base” site was created to index these sub-sites, so visitor need not know the structure.

Each of these sub-site project files averages 10MB; each loads and saves in seconds. As a bonus, publishing is far quicker, although each sub-site has to be published separately. This doesn’t matter to me, as once published, they’re very static. (It is possible to copy and paste layout blocks between project files, and duplicate pages between projects).

Hope this may be of some help.


thanks for info, Duncan ill send the file.

Whats a good email to send to?

im uploading it and will send the link

Send large files up to 5GB for free

Send it to feedback@sparkleapp.com