Spontaneous delete of iCloud Sparkle Files

Well, this hasn’t happened for a while, this morning I opened Sparkle and found that my web site files in the iCloud Drive were gone. Anyone else?

Now it won’t open my emergency backup I made on my local files, it just blinks when I press open.

Sparkle interfaces with the filesystem via something in the macOS system frameworks (“the document architecture”), specifically Sparkle is given the contents of a file or is requested for the contents of the file, by the system. In other words Sparkle is not interacting directly with the file system, and by extension this means Sparkle is unable to delete a document from your disk or cloud storage.

Well, I’d believe that if this wasn’t the second time. A previous release wiped out my upload information. Sigh. Oh well. So, is there a way to only back up the upload information separately? It’s a pain to have to dig out my passwords and figure out the FTP information every time I lose everything.

Good luck not trusting developers :slight_smile:

While you might think it’s the same thing, it’s actually not.

The publish settings are stored in the system keychain, and to the best of our knowledge the system keychain in some cases refuses to give Sparkle access to the data.

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Is there any way to get Sparkle to export the keychain information (which I still have on a really old pre-Cloud backup) so I can import my web site, then restore the publish information? Otherwise it’s square one…

No Sparkle does not export that. You can sync the keychain using iCloud Keychain though.

Well, that didn’t help. I guess I’ll start all over. Second time since I used Sparkle. It’s really nice, but backup of your web site is weak.

Weird. I added a local file export, and it doesn’t show up in the list. It did recreate the files in the iCloud though. Something is very odd.