Stick on top and scrolling left right

i make web around 5 pages and have a problem with 2 things, 1. on the second page of it, the header that i put stick to page(stack) top is not stick on top (i did on the first page and already check list “to all pages”) but header on second page wont stick on top…and i checked also it only happen on smartphone, if i chek on laptop is just fine, but not on smartphone…how to fix it? 2. on the same page (page 2) i can scroll righ and left, why? or should i said if i slide it, the page is have little white space on right smartphone, how to fix it?

Hi @Victoradolf, I’m afraid there isn’t enough information here to help. You need to send the project file over at and we’ll take a look.

Thanks for reply sir, im sorry im new with sparkle, and while i wait for your reply i figur it out myself, and now its all fixed, my content is bigger than the page size thats why i have white space, and about stick to the page top, i make a new page and it all work just fine…later if i have questions i will send the project for you to check, thanks for the info sir…